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Blue Book Members: New Features in Blue Book Online Services (BBOS)

General News

On Tuesday, May 14th, Blue Book Services released improvements to the Blue Book Online Services (BBOS) web site.  Here are a few new features:

On the User Profile page, scroll to the BBOS Settings area. We added a checkbox to “Open Company Links in New Tab” which makes company listings open in a new tab in your browser, when you click a company link from search results pages.

On the Manage Company Listing page, you can now click on the “Edit Personnel List” button and make changes to any personnel we have on record for your company, in addition to adding more personnel. Please be sure to include their title and email address, and, whether they should have a BBOS license.

Under Manage Membership, click on “Personnel List” and you can see all the people at your organization and whether they have a license to access BBOS.

And finally, we added a new icon to the left side navigation pane that looks like a little key. This is a quick link to the Rating Key Numerals document which helps you interpret Blue Book Ratings.

To learn more about these features of Blue Book Online Services (BBOS), please contact our Customer Service team