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Hardwoods Distribution Inc. Overhauls Import Plywood Supply Chain

General News

Hardwoods Distribution Inc. (“HDI”) completes an overhaul of its import plywood supply chain, transitioning U.S. operations supply options away from China, diversifying the origins of its flagship brand, Dragon Ply.

Through this diversification of supply, HDI has retained the highest integrity of legally sourced materials, delivering peak performance and consistent quality of the finished products. The new Dragon Ply inventories are available at numerous HDI locations across the U.S.

“We have spent nearly two years rebuilding our supply chain outside of China with the primary focus of holding our vendors to the stringent Dragon Ply product specifications and 100 percent legal sourcing,” says Dan Figgins, HDI Vice President Imports. “Whether it be raw material procurement, production process management, quality control or logistics, we are more integrated in our supply chains than ever before. Our supply is more diversified in its origins as well as breadth of products from around the globe, importing decorative panels from more than a dozen countries.”

To support this program the overseas offices of HDI are staffed with expert personnel who are educated in wood processing and highly experienced in plywood production and quality control management. These experts conduct in-depth inspections at every step of the production process. Graded not just on aesthetic value, but quality throughout, HDI inspectors suspend or reject any products that do not meet its strict Dragon Ply standards.

The renewed Dragon Ply program has more core options to fit specific needs, and continues to offer full line of thick faced, machine composed fancy plywood, which is customizable to the end users requirements for grade and composition. The ability to customize products to fit customers’ exact requirements while retaining the highest quality standards has traditionally only been available through domestic manufacturers. The new Dragon Ply in bold new packaging is on display this week at AWFS at the Las Vegas Convention Center Booth #4657.

About Hardwoods Distribution Inc.

HDI is North America’s largest distributor of architectural grade building products to the residential and commercial construction markets. The Company operates a North American network of 61 distribution centers that operate under three industry leading
distribution brands: Hardwoods Specialty Products; the Frank Paxton Lumber Company; and Rugby Architectural Building Products. In addition, HDI operates a lumber consolidation yard on the east coast and a sawmill with kiln drying operation, HMI (Hardwoods of Michigan).


Gordon Clough – Director of Marketing – – (647) 504-3467

Source: Hardwoods Distribution Inc.