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EACOM Announces the Installation of a Continuous Dry Kiln at its Matagami Sawmill

General News

EACOM Timber Corporation is pleased to announce an investment of $7.7M to equip its Matagami sawmill with a new state-of-the-art continuous kiln (CDK). The kiln, which is expected to be fully operational by October 2021, will allow lumber to be dried 24 hours a day, without interruption, directly at the facility.

“The City of Matagami is thrilled with this significant investment for the future of the sawmill and our city. It is a strong gesture that shows that we are all in this for the long haul and demonstrates the spirit of sustainable partnership that has developed between us and EACOM Timber Corporation over the years. The development of renewable resources is essential for the communities of our region and they must be able to benefit in the long term, and as a priority, from stable fiber supplies so that today’s wonderful announcement is the first of many.” – Mr. René Dubé, Mayor of the City of Matagami.

The Matagami sawmill is an economic driver for the city and surrounding region, supporting more than 80 workers directly, another 240 jobs in forestry operations and hundreds more through vendors, contractors and transporters.

“The critical nature of our products has been highlighted over the past year and we have made the strategic choice to accelerate some of these investments and maximize our production capacity. We are proud to contribute to the construction of homes for families across North America, as well as the production of paper, cardboard, sanitary masks, and even medicines with the fiber we sustainably harvest around Matagami.” – Kevin Edgson, President and CEO of EACOM.

In addition to being more energy efficient, the CDK will allow more control over the process locally and maximize the quality of the fiber produced at the mill. The addition of overall drying capacity will allow EACOM to increase its total yield of forest products.

About EACOM Timber Corporation

EACOM Timber Corporation is a major Eastern Canadian wood products company. Operations include the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of lumber and wood-based value-added products, and the management of forest resources. EACOM owns seven sawmills, a remanufacturing facility, and an engineered I-joist plant with over 1,200 employees. The Company is committed to investing in strong assets, including healthy forests, advanced technology, and talented people.

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Biliana Necheva – Senior Advisor Public Relations – – (514) 867-7245

Source: EACOM Timber Corporation