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Building Gurus: 5 Essentials To Include On Your Resume

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The Point of a Resume is to Get to an Interview.

You have 1-2 pages to make enough of an impact that the hiring manager will decide to take the time to interview you. That isn’t much real estate to demonstrate why your background is a match. So, you have to create a strong connection between your experience and the opening.

There are 5 areas I recommend you include on your resume. Each has a different purpose but the overarching idea is to show your proficiency and past success.

Professional Achievements

If you’re in sales, the first thing a hiring manager will want to know is your sales volume. They need to know how you rank with your peers. If you’ve won awards, reached goals or made your company money, let the employer know. Make sure you provide details and numbers.

Educational Accomplishments

List your degree(s) and/or relevant course work, thesis or dissertation. If you have completed specialized training highlight it. Mention special honors, scholarships, or awards you may have received, such as Dean’s List, Cum Laude, or Phi Beta Kappa.

Additional Areas of Competency

These might include computer software fluency, the dollar amount of monthly raw materials purchased, or specialized training. If you are cross-trained in multiple areas, make sure to touch on them. If your expertise in one area can benefit the main parts of your job, make sure you document it.

Professional Designations

If you’re licensed or certified in your niche or channel or belong to a trade organization, by all means, let the reader know. If you have any licensing or certifications in any part of the building industry, they likely will be high impact. So, definitely, if you have space, include them.

Success Indicators

You should definitely include anything in your past that might distinguish you as a leader or achiever. Winning local or national awards, being named top of your company or industry, etc. will go a long way to show you are capable of succeeding.

There are many key parts to a killer resume. Make sure you have these 5 essentials to start creating yours.

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