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Teal-Jones Acquires Two New Southern Yellow Pine Mills

General News

The Teal-Jones Group is a fully-integrated forest company, encompassing everything from timber harvesting to manufacturing and sales of finished products. The Teal-Jones Group has remained a privately owned and operated family business with brothers Tom and Dick Jones as CEO, President and Visionaries.

The Teal-Jones Group has recently acquired two sawmill facilities in Virginia. Potomac Supply located in Kinsale, manufactures boards, decking, dimension lumber and timbers. Pine Products Inc located in beautiful Horse Pasture, Martinsville VA. Pine Products manufactures kiln-dried lumber in grades No. 1 thru 4, in lengths from 8 to 16 feet, as well as HT stock, 3-1/2×6 and 3-1/2×8 inch mill run rough green timbers.

Dick Jones said, “What really drove us to acquire these two mills was the amazing crews at both sites. They are the best around and will help us to continue to offer stand-out products and services to our customers.”

Jones noted that at The Teal-Jones’ mill in Antlers Oklahoma the company has quadrupled the number of employees working on-site to over 100, with another 100 loggers in the field. The mill jobs were added to Oklahoma in time for the installation of the location’s 5th kiln. Once the kiln is live, the mill will have capacity to produce 200+ million board feet annually with 150 workers.

Teal-Jones Group owns and operates a total of 25 facilities producing Western Red and Yellow Cedar lumber, Douglas Fir, Hemlock, Sitka Spruce and Southern Yellow Pine. The Teal-Jones Group is also the world’s largest producer of red cedar shakes and shingles and musical components.

Over the years the Teal Cedar Shake & Shingle mill has grown and expanded its facilities to meet the increasing demand for its products. Always the innovators, Teal added shingle reman (rebutted and re-jointed sidewall shingles) along with a paint finishing system, and specialty products division. The Company expanded its investment in the industry by building new shake and shingle mills throughout various communities in British Columbia during the 1970’s and 80’s.

From 1999 to 2004 Teal made the strategic decision to purchase Tree Farms and Timber Licenses, which provide direct access to harvesting timber in specific areas. These large acquisitions (in excess of 400,000 hectares) have positioned the Company to be less reliant on the log market conditions when obtaining raw fiber for their mills. While the Company still purchases logs on the open market, they are not completely dependent on that supply as are many other manufacturers.

This positions Teal Cedar Products as the only shake and shingle mill on the coast to have its own source of raw fiber, which assures our valued customers of not only a consistently high-quality product but a steady and dependable source of it.

The Company is extremely proud of its environmental stewardship and notes that to date they have planted over 10 million seedlings with logging operations in the Fraser Valley and Vancouver Island maintaining CSA Certification.

About Teal-Jones Group

The Teal-Jones Group employs over 1,000 people and operates throughout British Columbia, Washington, Oklahoma and Virginia. Teal produces the highest quality products to service our customers in the U.S., Canada, and other markets throughout the world. Tom and Dick attribute the success of this business to the hard work and dedication of their employees to produce top quality products, and the loyalty and commitment demonstrated by the customers. The Company is now entering its the fourth generation of a family-owned and operated business and looks forward to the opportunities for further growth and expansion in the coming years and working together with our employees and our dedicated customers.

Source: The Teal-Jones Group