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Blue Book Community Standards

Blue Book Members are part of a community where ethical trading and sound business practices are recognized and rewarded. 

Consistent with Blue Book’s Membership agreement, Terms of Use, and Privacy Policy, all Blue Book Members are expected and encouraged to embrace these standards, and to help make the Blue Book community the very best it can be.

Toward this end, all Members are expected to embrace the following Community Standards—

Be Trustworthy:

  • Deal in good faith.  Operate with good intentions, honesty, fundamental fairness, and respect. Misleading and deceptive practices, even if not illegal, are inconsistent with these standards.
  • Do not provide false or misleading information about yourself or your company.  Blue Book actively curates our community membership through both Analyst and AI tools and in collaboration with other industry partners.  Please help us and our community avoid fraud by promptly reporting scams and scammers to

Be Respectful:

  • Solicitation efforts should be targeted and respectful.  Mass emails and high-volume, low-quality phone solicitation, is not only inefficient, it is disrespectful to other Members and reflects poorly on the soliciting firm.  Blue Book offers Members the ability to research and selectively target companies that may be a good fit for your products and services.
  • Please do not spam our community members with irrelevant or gratuitously repetitive messages.
  • Blue Book Members are encouraged to respond to respectful solicitation efforts in kind.

Reasonable Transparency:

  • Mutual sharing of information such as key contact information, goods and services offered, and trade references helps build trust and efficiency. Additionally, top-rated firms share accounts receivable information, financial statements, and qualitative feedback on the performance (both good and bad) of their trading and transportation partners.
  • All information shared is expected to be provided in good faith, with due respect for the subject firm, and the third-party businesses relying on this information prior to doing (or increasing) business with the subject firm.

Be Professional:

  • Trading and transportation disputes are inevitable. But Members are expected to use best practices and professional communication to prevent, mitigate, and resolve costly and unproductive trading and transportation disputes.

Ultimately, the Blue Book community is what we collectively make of it. Help us support the Blue Book community by upholding high standards in your dealings and reporting any abusive conduct or violations of these standards to us at

Please note that violating our Community Standards may result in action against your account, including reporting of the violations in Blue Book’s publications and account restriction or cancellation.

Thank you for your role in supporting the Blue Book community.