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Manage Risk

If you’re looking to extend credit to new or existing trading partners, you’ll need comprehensive indicators and metrics to accurately determine your credit risk. And you can rest assured that our suite of risk management tools, designed for customers just like you, will cover all your bases.

Using our online library of business ratings and reports, you can review:

  • Pay trends
  • Business histories
  • Branch & subsidiary information
  • Financial statements & ratios
  • Ownership background
  • Information on judgments & liens
  • And much more…

To help you manage risk, we provide four specific tools: Blue Book Ratings, Business Reports, Alerts/Updates, and the Accounts Receivable Aging Report.  Learn more about each option below:

Blue Book Scores and Ratings

Blue Book Scores and Ratings help those extending credit to make quick “Sell” or “No-Sell” decisions by providing concise, accurate credit data, while also giving buyers and transporters their needed peace-of-mind.  Blue Book Scores and Ratings are available online (Blue Book Online Services), on your mobile device (BBOS Mobile), in business reports and by calling a customer service representative.  Changes to a Blue Book Rating or Score are updated in real-time and also trigger email Alerts on companies you monitor.  A summary of all Rating changes are included in each Weekly Credit Sheet.

Business Reports

When trading with a new business connection, renewing an old relationship or taking a closer look at a changing situation, Blue Book Services’ in-depth Business Reports tell you everything you need to know.

Reports include: financial information and ratios, corporate histories, ownership background, information on judgments and liens, as well as branch or subsidiary information, plus much more.

Business Reports are available:

  • on lumber and forest product companies
  • via Blue Book Online Services
  • by calling customer service

Alerts & Updates

Business decisions often need to be made quickly. Having up-to-the-minute updates and alerts can only help companies in the lumber industry, whether they are looking at working with a new customer, extending credit to a buyer or placing a large order with an unfamiliar business. Blue Book Services members will receive regular updates on credit and business information from companies across the lumber industry. Don’t use old or outdated information to make important choices; become a Blue Book Services member and get consistently updated data on the industry.

Accounts Receivable Aging Reports

With more information, members can make the best business decisions possible. Another tool available to manage risk is the Accounts Receivable Aging Report. For more than a decade, businesses throughout the United States, Canada and internationally have shared their accounts receivable (A/R) aging files with Blue Book Services, and this membership feature provides that information, while maintaining company anonymity of those submitting data.

Accounts Receivable Aging Reports on your current or prospective customers are available exclusively to member organizations that choose to contribute their A/R monthly to Blue Book Services.

Read more on these reports, and how you can become eligible to access as part of your Blue Book Services Membership.


To learn more about any of the above options, or with questions about membership or how Blue Book Services can help you manage risk in your specific role, feel free to contact us online or by phone. We’ll be happy to assist you in any way that we can, and look forward to working with you.