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Blue Book Credit Ratings & Scores

A new sale is best celebrated after the receivable is collected!  Indeed, credit risk is often the Achilles’ heel for sellers of lumber.  No one wants to learn after-the-fact that a customer with an outstanding balance is considered a high risk of delinquency or default. For over a decade, mills, wholesalers and secondary manufacturers have turned to Lumber Blue Book to help them make safe, informed credit decisions.  We collect industry-specific Accounts Receivable data totaling billions of dollars every month that fuels our suite of credit assessment and monitoring tools.

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When you subscribe to Lumber Blue Book, you gain access to the industry’s most comprehensive credit risk database.  We help credit extenders make informed “Sell” or “No-Sell” decisions, while also giving buyers and transporters needed peace of mind.

Knowledge is power, and you can make better decisions when you’re equipped with the right information. So, make those informed, confident business choices using Lumber Blue Book!

The Value of Membership

Why Join Lumber Blue Book

As the leading provider of in-depth business and credit information on the domestic lumber & forest products industry, a membership with Blue Book Services gives you access to:

  • Ratings & Business Reports
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