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Looking to quickly identify qualified sales prospects? Tired of the anxiety that comes along with trying to “trust your gut” when extending credit? Looking to develop trusted, sustainable business partnerships for growth and expansion?

Well, look no further.

The Lumber Blue Book is a comprehensive online directory and credit information resource for the lumber and forest products industry, covering mills, manufacturers, wholesalers, traders and retailers.  It is a product of Blue Book Services, trusted provider of credit risk data since 1901. We’ve grown over the past several years after being recognized and celebrated for our library of current, accurate credit data and marketing opportunities.

A membership with Blue Book Services not only provides access to our vast database of current business and credit information, it also gives access to many other valuable tools and assets. These can be essential for organizations looking to grow and/or maintain their business and include:


Why JoinBlue Book Services provides the confidence to make sound judgments.

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