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Mathew Hall Lumber Acquired by Simonson Lumber

General News

To the Central Minnesota Community,

Mathew Hall, his father and brothers migrated from Germany in 1882 to look for better opportunities in America. When he arrived, Mathew began working for Lt. Gov. Charles Gilman, who gave him lumber in exchange for wages. Gilman encouraged him to open his own lumber yard. When he had built up a small supply of materials, Mathew rented and later purchased two lots in Downtown St. Cloud to start his business. Mathew Hall Lumber is still in the same location 129 years later.

“The key to Mr. Hall’s success is his perfect honesty. When he was a boy, I would have trusted him with every cent I had in the world; and the years have proved that I was justified in my faith,” explained Charles Gilman, 1915.

In 1948 Mathew retired and his four sons, Herb, Al, Ervin, and Marc, took over the business. Mathew remained active in the company until his passing in 1958. Mathew’s sons were planning to sell the business until Mathew’s grandson Jim (Pauline) Hall developed a plan to purchase Mathew Hall Lumber in 1967. After running the business for more than 30 years, Jim’s children took over in 2000; the late Loran (Bonnie), John (Nancy) and Dan (Julie).

On January 31, 2019 Simonson Lumber purchased Mathew Hall Lumber and will continue to operate at the current locations. Simonson Lumber was established in 1913 with their first St. Cloud location in 1927. They are a family owned business with a long history similar to Mathew Hall Lumber.

As we close one chapter of our lives and open a new one, we want to thank everyone for their hard work and dedication to our business. Central Minnesota is what made this company great. Over the last 129 years we have been a staple of St. Cloud, one of the greatest. That will always live on in each and every person that has stepped foot through our doors. Even though the name will change the memories will always be here.

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the community for a wonderful 129 years.

Thank you,

The Hall Family


Anna Hall-Klaers – Sales, Estimating & Marketing – – (320) 252-1920

Source: Mathew Hall Lumber Co.