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Atlantic Forest Products Continues Expansion

General News

Atlantic Forest Products (“AFP”) announces the establishment of two strategic new businesses located in Lake Oswego, Oregon and Stockton, California.

John Chisholm, President of AFP commented…”Adding the Lake Oswego, Oregon Trading Office, and the Stockton, California Distribution Center is a rare opportunity, and perfect fit for AFP. These groups hit all the marks for us in terms of planned expansion, and bring with them exceptional Sales and Purchasing prowess, as well as deep and trusted Customer Relationships.”

The Lake Oswego group is headed by Bart Bartholomew, and is comprised of 12 highly regarded traders servicing accounts throughout the USA. Lake Oswego focuses upon Commodity Lumber, Plywood, and OSB. They also offer Forward-Pricing for extended shipments, as well as highly specialized industrial expertise for the Marine, Agricultural, and Transportation Industries, as well as a full line of Cedar Products including Decking, Timbers, and Sidings.

California Distribution is headed by Bruce Garrett and operates out of an 8 acre facility located at the Port of Stockton, which is served by the UP and BN railroads. Stockton is a full-line wholesale distribution center mixing Commodities and Specialty Wood Products. They are exclusive distributors for a variety of product lines including Roseburg Engineered Wood Products, and Premium graded Import Plywood and OSB products. Stockton also features “value-added” Fire Retardant Lumber and Plywood.

These two new businesses will work in concert with satellite warehouses located in Texas, Spokane, Denver, and Los Angeles.

About Atlantic Forest Products

Established in 1991 in Baltimore, Maryland, AFP is a premier wholesale distributor of Commodity, Specialty, and Engineered Wood Products strategically located in 8 states across the nation.

Source: Atlantic Forest Products, LLC