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Blue Book Members: Obtain a Credit Worth Estimate for your Business

Ratings are Invaluable when factoring in business variables.

General News

Your business relies on credit. You employ credit so you can do the largest possible volume of business safely. This requires that credit be extended where it is deserved, to the degree that it is deserved, and within your tolerance for risk.

Blue Book Services listings and ratings are succinct information sources. All the details provided therein combine to assist you in making informed, safe, and profitable business decisions.

Blue Book Services ratings are invaluable when you factor in all the variables that can impact your business:

  • Constantly changing marketing conditions
  • Technical, legalistic trading policies of some
  • Prevalence of verbal contracts
  • Problems of financing
  • Seasonal variations in quality of available supplies
  • Importance of good payment practices
  • Need for “on-time” deliveries
  • Narrow operating margins and fast turnover
  • Potential problems in transportation of product


Credit Worth Estimates (Financial Ratings) Help

A company’s financial responsibility is reported through its credit worth estimate. A credit worth estimate is defined as:

The primary financial information used to determine the credit worth estimate is the balance sheet. Key factors used when determining the estimate for a company include: liquidity, asset management, debt management, debt-to-equity, and profitability.

Establish a credit worth estimate for your business today by submitting your most current financial statements (most notably the balance sheet) to Blue Book Services at


Note: The omission of a credit worth estimate on a Blue Book Listing means Blue Book Services has not been provided current financial information from the subject company, or the company is a supply/service business and is therefore not rated.