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Seneca Plants 40 Millionth Tree

General News

Family-owned Seneca, just planted its 40 millionth tree.

The occasion was celebrated on their tree farm where two of the three owners, sisters Becky and Kathy, planted seedlings with their grandchildren, grandnieces and grandnephews (Parker Roscoe 8, Jake Hamaker 6, and Ava Roscoe 5).

Becky Jones with grandchildren Parker Roscoe, Jake Hamaker, & Ava Roscoe

“I’m so excited about the planting of the 40 millionth tree! This is a huge milestone for our family.” Said Co-Owner Becky Jones. She went on to say, “That soil is the native soil of the Douglas fir, but as the fourth generation of our family plants trees in it, it feels like the native soil of our family as well.”

The family used the experience pass on knowledge and values about nurturing and sustaining the land. Co-Owner Kathy Jones-McCann said, “Healthy trees are important to us, but so is healthy soil, cool clean water and thriving wildlife. On the tree farm we plan on a 50-year horizon. We plan for generations of trees and generations of family.”

To help the kids understand the magnitude of 40 million trees, they calculated that if those little seedlings were laid end-to-end they would cross America five and a half times.

Seneca manages its 167,000 acres of timberlands sustainably meaning they grow more than they harvest every year. They currently have 92% more timber on their lands than they had on those same acres 25 years ago. The timber harvested from their timberlands goes on to be made into renewable building materials. For every tree harvested, they plant three more.

“Getting to 40 million was quite an accomplishment. I felt like Dad was there smiling with us.” Said Becky Jones.

About Seneca

Seneca started as a small sawmill operation founded by Aaron Jones in 1953. Today, owners Becky Jones, Kathy Jones-McCann and Jody Jones continue the legacy of leadership and innovation in the wood products industry, overseeing a family of companies consisting of: Seneca Sawmill Company with some of the most innovative sawmills in the world, Seneca Jones Timber Company with 167,000 acres of sustainably managed timberlands, and Seneca Sustainable Energy which has the cleanest running biomass plant in America, creating enough sustainable energy to power 13,000 homes. Sustainability is a core value of the multi-generational family business and is woven throughout all of the Seneca companies. The Jones family is proud to be part of the Wood Products industry in Oregon. Oregon is the #1 lumber producing state in the nation, and yet it has more trees today than it had 100 years ago.


Casey Roscoe – Senior Vice President Public Relations – – (541) 762-3009

Source: Seneca Sawmill Company