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Hancock Lumber Opens New Home Office

General News

Hello from Hancock’s Home Office in Casco! Today, May 14th, is our official first day after breaking ground last May 28th on our new construction project.

Moving our offices from Casco Village just 3.5 miles down the road has created a complete Casco Campus on Route 11! We are now located across from our sawmill operations, adjacent to our lumberyard, and immersed in our working forest known as Jugtown.  The new home office is a state-of-the art space creating the modern Casco Campus.

Kevin Hancock sent the team a note on 5/13/19 celebrating the move, honoring the former office that at one time encompassed the entire company:

“In a way, the company will come full circle tomorrow.  You see, there was a time when the entire company was located here on the edge of the Edes Falls Road.  The sawmill was on the pond to the right.  The store was in front by the road.  The long center of the building was filled with pine bins and other building materials.  The planing mill was located just up the road past the cemetery.  Continuing down the Edes Falls Road past the building you entered company timberlands.  It was all right here.  This was, in its day, the entire company.  I remember as a small boy running down the same narrow halls we use today to visit my grandmother as she extended the handwritten billings and turned them into invoices to be mailed.  
Slowly, the company branched out.  First the sawmill moved over to Route 11 in Casco, and then the retail store moved up the street–eventually moving to Bridgton.  Today, just the corporate office is left, but there was a time when this was all of Hancock Lumber.  
Now, as the office team moves to Route 11, we are completing a circle generations in the making.  The new home office is rejoining the modern business of manufacturing, retailing, and logistics.  Casco is going to have one Hancock Lumber campus again.”



Please make sure to update your contact information with our new address: 1267 Poland Spring Road, Casco, Maine 04015!

Stop by and explore our new space and connect with our office team which includes these departments: Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Human Resources, Marketing, and Finance/Accounting.

Source: Hancock Lumber Company, Inc.