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Lumber Blue Book Celebrates 10 Years of Industry Service (Part 3)

General News

Two weeks ago, we wrote about how Blue Book Services extended a century-old service for the produce industry to help lumber companies who were in the midst of an economic and credit crises not seen since the Great Depression.

As we conclude this series, we look more closely at the credit risk benefits Lumber Blue Book provides.

Since 2009, numerous lumber mills, wholesalers, manufacturers and transporters have been confidentially providing monthly Accounts Receivable (“A/R”) aging files to Blue Book Services.

Today, in total, we receive over $1.5 billion of industry-specific A/R aging files each month on over 10,000 lumber buyers.  This information is analyzed and used to generate credit ratings, scores and reports unique to the lumber industry.

Because of the accuracy and affordability of Lumber Blue Book ratings and reports, several industry credit managers have told us about the substantial cost savings that has resulted from reducing (or, in some cases, eliminating) credit report packages from “the big three” credit bureaus.

Account monitoring services are also available to alert you by email whenever a significant credit event on a key customer is reported.

Trent Johnson, Lumber Blue Book’s rating and sales representative, is routinely on the phone with industry credit managers to review recent pay trends and business events related to both current and prospective customers. “I love the fast-paced environment of this industry; it’s rewarding to help our Blue Book Members stay informed on what’s happening with their customers – both positively and negatively.  We provide valuable information to help our Members protect and grow their bottom line.”

Lumber Blue Book representatives will be exhibiting at the upcoming NAWLA Traders Market in San Antonio, TX and NHLA convention in New Orleans, LA.

Mark Erickson is Sr. Vice President at Blue Book Services Inc.