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TRTF Acquires Allen & Allen

General News

Dear Friends,

Over the past decade, our families (the Millers and Penas) have been strategizing about the future of Allen & Allen Co. We have had the tremendous honor of owning and operating Allen & Allen Co. since Mr. Pat Knight purchased the company from the Allen family back in the early 80s. Our commitment to the core values on which the company was founded in 1931 has yielded great success with our employees, customers, vendors and in developing a culture that revolves around a solid work ethic, a focus on people and doing the right thing.

As retirement age approaches, and we watch our children enjoy successful careers of their own, we have made the decision to turn over the legacy of Allen & Allen Co. to a team that is committed to maintaining our culture, preserving our team, all while investing in the development and innovation of our great city.

On August 1, 2019, TRTF Community House became the new owner of Allen & Allen Co. This entity was developed by the leadership team at TRTF (Texas Research and Technology Foundation). Their concept is unique and philanthropic and the partnership we have forged provides a clear path for Allen & Allen Co. and our families moving into the future.

TRTF Community House was formed to create a succession option for family owned businesses during a time of generational transition. TRTF Community House is committed to retaining the Allen & Allen Co. business name, management team, employees and thus the legacy. TRTF Community House sought out Allen & Allen Co. as its first Community House company. Our values are deeply aligned and we both share the goal of wanting Allen & Allen Co. to remain for many years to come.

This is a celebratory time for our families. We are thrilled at the opportunities this change will provide to the people who have made Allen & Allen Co. what it is over the last 88 years and we are proud to have been able to find an ownership solution that will guarantee the longevity of this company. We are grateful to each of you for your confidence and loyalty over the years and for your continued support through this transition.

Allen & Allen Co.’s exisiting team, led by Wade Payne as President/General Manager will continue to manage employees, customers, and resources without any changes to operations or procedures. And don’t worry, we’ll still be around too. We believe that the transfer of ownership will result in a seamless transition for you. If you have any questions or would like to discuss any details, please feel free to call us: 210-733-9191. Thank you for your business and your trust.

All our best,

Bobby Joe “Buzz” Miller & Carlos “Coddy” Pena

Source: Allen and Allen, LLC