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EACOM and CSN Reach Agreement

General News

The Syndicat des travailleuses et travailleurs de scierie Val-d’Or-CSN and management of EACOM Timber Corporation are pleased to announce the ratification of their new five-year collective agreement.

This new agreement was negotiated in an atmosphere of mutual respect and constructive exchanges, making it possible to find innovative and winning solutions. Progress has notably been made in terms of equity for all employees and operational efficiency.

“The quality of the discussions between parties and the flexibility of the terms and conditions established are a testament to collaboration, trust and success,” explains Michel Sigouin, General Manager of Operations, Quebec for EACOM. “This contract will continue to enhance the millt’s competitiveness and make it an attractive place to work.”

“The members have carefully analyzed certain suggested modifications to their employment contract, particularly those related to work organization,” said Michel Paquin, president of the S.T.T. de scierie Val-d’Or (CSN). “Aware of the importance of improving the mill’s performance and consolidating the position of the Val-d’Or plant, some compromises were accepted and 72% of members at the General Assembly voted in favour of their new contract,” concluded Michel Paquin.

EACOM employs 200 people at its Val-d’Or mill and regional administrative centre, 110 of whom are members of the Syndicat des travailleuses et travailleurs de scierie Val-d’Or-CSN. In addition to offering quality wood products to North American builders and renovators, the Val-d’Or sawmill supplies the Sullivan remanufacturing plant and the Sault Ste. Marie I-beam mill within the company.

Source: EACOM Timber Corporation