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Hampton Enters Into Exclusive Agreement With Colorado-Based Ironwood, LLC

General News

Hampton Lumber Sales has entered into an exclusive sales and marketing agreement with Ironwood LLC to handle their green veneer and peeler core sales. Located in SW Colorado, Ironwood started production of green veneer and peeler cores in November 2019.

“Ironwood is able to produce veneers in various thicknesses and species,” said T.R. Cauthorn of Hampton Lumber Sales. “In addition to veneer, peeler cores are also available in a number of different diameters and species with custom packaging available to meet specific customer needs.”

About Hampton Lumber

Hampton Lumber owns nine manufacturing facilities in Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia and operates a wholesale lumber business out of its headquarters in Portland, Oregon. For product offerings and pricing on Ironwood products contact T.R. Cauthorn at 503-203-6472.

Source: Hampton Resources, Inc.