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Blenker Building Systems to Merge with Drexel Building Supply

General News

Two companies that are racing to change the way homes are built in Wisconsin, and in that way change the world for the better, have agreed in principle on a merger. The deal will be finalized April 30th.

Blenker Companies, Inc., a family run business founded by Peter Blenker and Pamela Jewell, started out as a residential home builder and remodeler in 1974. They expanded into offsite manufacturing in the 90’s and created Blenker Building Systems, Inc. Jason Blenker, co-owner and President of Blenker Building Systems, Inc. joined the family business and focused on growing the offsite team from serving its own construction company, into a leader in offsite construction, design, and whole house solutions by manufacturing and installing structural building components on residential and multi-family sites all over the Midwest.

Blenker Companies will continue to own and operate its construction division, Blenker Construction, Inc. out of Amherst, a Wisconsin Builders Association builder of the year which will be led by Mark Robinson and Justin Blenker, along with a rock star cast, and will continue to deliver award winning custom home design, sustainable building practices, and outstanding customer experiences by offering general contracting and building solutions to families and businesses in central Wisconsin.

Blenker Building Systems 100+ team members in Amherst will see no change in their employment status. They will be offered the same unparalleled benefits as Drexel team members including: team member’s children receiving full college tuition scholarships, ownership stock in the company, and a paid vacation day on your Birthday. They will join forces with the former Truss Systems in Little Chute to be the leading company in the Midwest to embrace offsite construction, and operate under the trade name Drexel Systems.

Drexel Systems plans to offer solutions to take your home from footing to roof, along with windows installed, in 4 days which currently takes about 15 days with traditional methods. We can be much more efficient in a factory setting. In a factory controlled environment, building is more efficient with minimal waste. Advanced engineering practices can be maximized to make the homes more energy efficient and stronger using less materials. “This is not to compete with the local builder, small or large, but to help them. Shortage of skilled labor is such a huge part of our building economy now. Offsite construction doesn’t solve everything but it’s a huge step in that direction. It’s exciting to provide another solution for our builders,” explains Jason Blenker.

“Our companies were both chasing the same goal. It made sense to join forces and create a super company with a shared vision. It is best for the builder if we work together rather than compete. Little Chute and Amherst have the best talent in the state in regards to manufacturing as well as design. Combine that with Drexel Building Supply’s knack for growth and their diverse product nature in categories from lumber to windows, to flooring to cabinetry made this simply a chance we couldn’t pass on. I can’t wait to jump on that energy bus and make it happen.”

Both companies have a similar family legacy and core values. “Drexel’s mission is to supply happiness. Who doesn’t want to be part of that, to supply happiness,” stated Jason. “They have been a Wisconsin top workplace for many, many years. I love that.” Jason will lead Drexel Systems and be focused on continuing to build a world-class team that provides offsite building solutions to builders. “Our leadership team is going to grow, not dissolve. With our growth plans, we will be surrounded by opportunity.”

Joel Fleischman will continue to lead as president and owner of both Drexel Building Supply and Drexel Systems. “For Drexel Building Supply it is taking our framing and lumber packages far ahead of our competition. It won’t be for every builder, and that’s awesome, nothing we do changes, but if they want to be part of offsite construction, they now can do it with us. The future is very exciting for this segment of our company from design to build. It is a whole new world we are creating for our clients. I’m excited as I’ve ever been for our future, and that’s saying a lot as I am known to get pretty excited about most things.”

Source: Blenker Building Systems, Inc.