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Bell Lumber & Pole COVID-19 Update, Thoughts and Strategies

General News

Dear Valued Customers, Partners, Vendors and Friends:

We hope that you and your families are doing well during this trying time for our communities and countries due to the coronavirus (“COVID-19”) pandemic.

In our sphere of influence, we are working to limit the negative impacts of the outbreak. With that goal in mind, we want to share an update with you on our thoughts and strategies regarding our business together during this challenging time.

First, the safety, health and welfare of our employees and the employees of our customers, partners and supply chain workers are of utmost importance to us. We have implemented internal measures, protocols and best practices to ensure social distancing during production and operations along with other CDC suggested steps to mitigate the potential spreading of the virus. All the while, it is our strong belief that the maintenance and continuity of the electric power delivery system is essential.

Our diversified supply chain, inventories and production capacities remain viable and strong. Currently, we do not anticipate any supply chain disruption since the materials used in our products originate in North America. In addition, we have built up inventory levels for critical and emergency situations. Our standardized manufacturing processes enable flexible staffing to mobilize to areas of need among our various manufacturing facilities. To reduce exposure and face-to-face interactions, we’ve indefinitely suspended all non-essential business travel, public meetings and site tours. We continue to maintain focused attention on the needs of our business partners as we monitor and respond to this ever-changing situation.

Furthermore, we have implemented a campaign aimed at political and association leaders to ensure that products supporting the utility infrastructure are added to both local and national lists of essential products and services. As you deem appropriate, please help us advance this concern as a matter of safety, health and welfare for our communities, state and countries.

Inside Bell, we remind everyone of our Bell Customer Promise. As it applies today more than ever, I wanted to share it with you:

“We are wood experts who deliver excellence in products, aesthetics, value and service… all customized for your needs and available even in unplanned events.”

Well… this is certainly an “unplanned event.”

Our team at Bell will be updating you periodically, and we welcome your questions as we continue to serve you as we have for over a century. To inquire further or connect with us, please Click Here.

There’s one, final thought I’d like to share during this difficult time. It stems from our Bell Mission Statement, which is:

“To Radically Love and Influence Lives”

As I challenge myself (and the company) to be on mission, I’m reminded to be kind, encouraging and loving during this unprecedented and anxious time for everyone.

We are in this together. We thank you for your partnership.

Leaning Forward Together,

Tom Bell


Source: Bell Lumber & Pole Company