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Idaho Veneer Company to Sell Business


To our friends in the Forest Products industry,

In 1953, Idaho Veneer Company plunked-down a slicer in the middle of a field in northern Idaho and began slicing Knotty Idaho White Pine and other species from the Pacific Northwest.

Sixty-seven years later, the manufacturing site that started in a farm field is now in the middle of “downtown” Post Falls, and the Malloy family has decided to sell it to someone that will convert it to its highest and best use.

Being a “going concern” up until the papers were signed, means we still have veneer inventory on hand and even a few logs to slice. Production will cease sometime over the next 90 days, and sales will continue until there’s nothing left to sell! We welcome any enquiries that would help our customers fill-in their short term needs, be they for veneer or equipment.

Of course, we value the friendship and camaraderie we share with so many of you in the Plywood Industry, the Furniture Industry, the Window & Door Industry, and Lumber. The decades we’ve spent in the business make for a treasure-trove of memories. We’ll reminisce for years to come, and probably tell the same stories over and over to anyone who will listen.

But not yet. We have veneer to sell and clean-up to do.

We can start reminiscing on the 91st day!

With Warm Regards,

Idaho Veneer Company

Source: Idaho Veneer Company