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Lumber Blue Book Announces New Service Enhancement


Beginning this month, subscribers to Lumber Blue Book will begin receiving a new monthly Blue Book Score Report as a part of their service.

The Blue Book Score Report provides a monthly credit snapshot of the companies the subscriber is tracking with Blue Book’s proprietary Alerts feature.

The Alerts feature allows each Lumber Blue Book subscriber to monitor companies for important credit changes. When a company being monitored has a credit rating change or significant credit event, the subscriber is alerted via email or fax.

This feature is now enhanced with the new monthly Blue Book Score Report. Now, each month, the subscriber will receive a report of all the companies being monitored via the Alerts feature and be able to quickly scan the list for noticeable increases or decreases in a company’s predictive Blue Book Score. The monthly report also displays each company’s current Pay Indicator and Blue Book Rating.

Blue Book Scores are the only industry-specific credit score for the lumber industry. They are based upon the billions of dollars in Accounts Receivable Aging data that is confidentially provided to Blue Book every month from numerous mills, wholesalers, transporters and secondary manufacturers.

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Mark Erickson is Sr. Vice President at Blue Book Services Inc.