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USA Millwork Updates Subsidiary Names

General News

USA Millwork has recently embarked on the process of unifying its five subsidiaries under the same banner and updating each location name to reflect our national brand. Although this process has been delayed due to COVID-19, we are pleased to announce that as of November 1, 2020 each of USA Millwork’s locations will have a new name consistent with our USAM brand:

Current Name / New Name

Cabinets by Design, LLC / USA Millwork Atlanta, LLC

Freelance Enterprises, LLC / USA Millwork Denver, LLC

Interior Building Systems, LLC / USA Millwork DC, LLC

O’Keefe, LLC / USA Millwork Great Lakes, LLC

Mission Bell, LLC / USA Millwork Mission Bell, LLC

As of November 1, all contracts for each location should be updated to reflect this change, as well as information in prequalification databases, the FEIN number currently used will remain the same, although a new W-9 form will be provided at that time.

In the interim, all contracts should reflect the current subsidiary name and use the current W-9 form.

Source: USA Millwork, LLC