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Blue Book Members: Finding New Customers or Suppliers is a Snap!

General News

Are you looking for a specific product in order to fill a customer’s order?

Or maybe you are researching the market potential of a new geographic region?

Blue Book Online Services (BBOS) provides a feature called Search Companies that enables you to dive into Blue Book’s database of over 22,000 lumber companies to find new customers or suppliers based on your specific criteria, which can include one or more of the following types of data:

  • Company: Search by HQ or Branch listings, by fax or email address.
  • Rating: Search by Pay Indicator and Credit Worth Estimate.
  • Location: Search by State, City and Postal Code. Click View Expanded to search by country.
  • Species: Search by specific species type singularly, or multiple species at once (examples: Pacific Hemlock, Fir, Eastern Spruce, Oak, etc.).
  • Product: Search by specific products handled by a company (examples: OSB, Plywood, Treated Lumber, Boards, Siding, etc.).
  • Service: Search by the type of service provided (examples: finishing/treatment, coding/labeling, saws/cutting, etc.).
  • Classification: Find a specific type of company, based upon their place in the supply chain (examples: Mill, Pro Dealer, Office Wholesaler, Retail Lumber Yard, etc.).
  • Custom: Search for firms in special alert lists you keep within BBOS (called Watchdog Groups).


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