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Blue Book Members: Using Alerts to Monitor Key Accounts

General News

Did you know you can use the Alerts Watchdog Group, to monitor your key accounts?

Every Blue Book Online user has an Alerts list within the Watchdog Groups area of BBOS. To start, this list is empty.  By adding companies to this list, you can begin to receive email or fax alerts whenever a business event is reported on those companies.

For example, your customer list could be added to this Alerts List and then every time the Lumber Blue Book reports an acquisition, merger, bankruptcy, change in Credit Worth estimate, executive personnel change, etc., you will be alerted to this change right away with an email message or fax message (depending on your preference).  Otherwise, you can see this information in the Weekly Credit Sheet on Fridays.

To add companies to your Alerts List, simply go to the company record in BBOS and click the “Add to Watchdog Group” button. Then, select the Alerts List and click “Save.”

To change your preference to email or fax delivery of these alerts, go to the My Account page and then on the User Profile tab, scroll down to the Alerts Settings area. Here you can choose to receive your alerts by fax (end-of-day) or email (immediately or end-of-day). Be sure to click the “Save” button at the bottom of the page for any changes you make.

In addition, there’s a widget you can add to your BBOS home page that shows you a list of any Alert companies with recent changes.

Contact us at or 630.668.3500 if you need help with your Alerts list or have questions about the benefits of using this feature.