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Commercial Metals Company Announces CMC Steel Arizona to Begin Receiving Renewable Solar Energy

General News

Commercial Metals Company (“CMC”) announced that their micro mill in Mesa, Arizona, CMC Steel Arizona, has begun receiving renewable energy from Salt River Project’s (“SRP”) new “Saint Solar” electricity generation plant. CMC Steel Arizona was one of the original customers to join the first phase of SRP’s Sustainable Energy program that was announced in 2018. The Saint Solar plant, located in Coolidge, Arizona, is a 100-megawatt utility-based solar array that will provide renewable energy to CMC Steel Arizona and others in the SRP community.

Constructed in 2009, CMC Steel Arizona is one of the most efficient and green steel producing facilities in the world. As a micro mill utilizing scrap-based Electric Arc Furnace (“EAF”) technology we are helping to preserve our natural resources. By using recycled scrap for 98% of our raw material, we reduce the need for natural resources. Our CO2 Scope 1 green-house gas emissions and energy consumption intensities are approximately 8 times less than the global steel making average.

Tracy Porter, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, stated, “Our participation in the Saint Solar project underscores our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint further through the use of renewable energy as well as producing steel from 100% recycled scrap metal and being an industry leader in the sustainable steelmaking process.”

On August 13, 2020, CMC announced plans to build its third micro mill, AZ2, adjacent to CMC Steel Arizona. The mill will be the first in the world to produce merchant bar quality (“MBQ”) products through a continuous-continuous production process. AZ2 will feature Danieli’s “Q-One” technology which will allow CMC to have a direct connection between the EAF and Ladle Furnace to renewable energy sources. This technology reduces electricity transmission losses as compared to traditional methods and associated operating costs.

“SRP is excited to partner with CMC Steel Arizona on our shared renewable energy goals,” said Jim Pratt, Associate General Manager and Chief Customer Executive at SRP. “This is just the beginning of our sustainable energy partnership and we look forward to continuing to partner with them on AZ2 and beyond.”

About Commercial Metals Company

Commercial Metals Company and its subsidiaries manufacture, recycle and fabricate steel and metal products, related materials and services through a network of facilities that includes seven electric arc furnace (“EAF”) mini mills, two EAF micro mills, two rerolling mills, steel fabrication and processing plants, construction-related product warehouses, and metal recycling facilities in the U.S. and Poland.


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Source: Commercial Metals Company