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Blue Book Members: Understanding Rating “Numerals” – A Review of an Important Rating Element

General News

In certain cases, a numeral rating, or the addition of a numeral to a Blue Book Rating, covers special situations or those in which a special degree of qualification is reported. In other cases, numerals are used to indicate that the listed firm has principals in common with other listed businesses. These numerals are published in Update Reports and Blue Book Online Services (BBOS)

For example, the numeral (86) is added to a company to indicate: Financial considerations and/or trade reports prohibit the reporting of a definite rating. Detailed business report available upon request.

This is not to be interpreted as 86/100 or 86%. It is merely a code, for something more significant. These numerals are hyperlinked within BBOS, and a definition of each is then provided.

All Numerals can be found here: Rating Numerals.

If you are unsure of what a numeral, or code, means within BBOS, please give us a call and we’d be happy to help you interpret the Blue Book Rating line on a company record. 

To learn more about this or any other feature of Blue Book Online Services (BBOS), please contact our Customer Service team