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Introducing the Lumber Newswire

General News

Two years ago, Blue Book Services met an industry need for timely, relevant news by launching weekly news alerts.  Since then, we have increased the frequency to three times each week and the industry’s response has been overwhelmingly positive.  It seems high time to give this newsletter its own identity!

Today marks the newsletter’s new brand: The Lumber Newswire.

The name helps emphasize the newsletter’s focus on the lumber industry; an industry that is constantly changing and has global economic impact. The Lumber Newswire contains the industry updates and analysis you need to stay in-the-know.

The name also tips its hat to the rich history of this great industry.  Even as lumber businesses adopt the latest technologies and innovations, there remains a sense of pride that originated generations earlier when the lumber industry began to blossom.  There is a sense of respect and appreciation for the hard-working families and traditions that came before us.  In the same way, the term “newswire” can be traced back to a time when breaking news was transmitted over wires via telegraph.  Yet, this phrase also reflects the urgency of important news that continues in today’s high-tech world.

The Lumber Newswire is published by Blue Book Services that also publishes Lumber Blue Book, a business information service that helps lumber companies find new customers and lower credit risk.  You can learn more about Lumber Blue Book, and subscribe for free to The Lumber Newswire, at