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House-Hasson Announces New President

General News

Friends, first let me thank you for your many kind words of comfort and support for our family in dealing with the loss of my brother Don. It remains a shock to call House-Hasson and not be able to speak with him, and I am sure it will remain that way for many months to come.

Second, I thank you for your loyalty to and support for House-Hasson Hardware Company, the enterprise to which Don dedicated his working life by building on the similar great work of our father, uncle and grandfather. Don always thought of the Company’s employees, dealers, vendors, fellow distributors and others within the hardware industry as friends, not just business associates. Don will be greatly missed, but we who remain with the Company look forward to continuing those friendships.

Third, I want to assure all of you that the Company and the Hasson family are firmly committed to continuing the important work begun here in 1906. As it has for more than a century, the Company will continue to provide excellent service to our dealers, and we are looking forward to maintaining and expanding the support of our and your employees and the communities in which all of us conduct business as we plan for the next 100 years (and more) of successful operation. Whether in the Southeast, the Atlantic States, the Midwest, the Caribbean region or elsewhere, we intend for House-Hasson Hardware to have a meaningful impact for better lives, homes and businesses for all of you.

Finally, I am happy to report that the Company’s board of directors has today endorsed the plan for leadership succession developed by Don. Steve Henry, who has been Executive Vice-President, has been unanimously elected today as the next President of House-Hasson Hardware. Don recognized Steve’s outstanding abilities years ago and prepared him well for the leadership of the Company. Steve has been and will remain assisted by an exceptional group of managers, sales personnel, distribution, purchasing, finance and administrative employees, drivers and others, and we have great confidence in Steve’s leadership of this team.

Steve and the rest of us are going to be calling on you for your recommendations, ideas and proposals for improvement in the Company’s operations. With your support and assistance, House-Hasson Hardware Company will continue the momentum Don created. We thank each of you for all you do in support of House-Hasson Hardware.


James K. Hasson, Jr.