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Jorgen Lindquist to leave Sodra

General News

Jörgen Lindquist has worked at Södra since 2015 and been a member of Group Senior Management. Jörgen also served previously as CFO of Södra.

“I want to thank Jörgen for these fruitful years at Södra. I also want to wish him the best of luck for the future,” said Lotta Lyrå, President and CEO of Södra.

Peter Jhaveri will take over responsibility as Interim Business Area President of Södra Wood until further notice. He has extensive and international experience of senior positions in several different types of businesses. These include serving as subsidiary president within the Tetra Pak Group in Asia and Sweden, as well as Consumer Board business area president at BillerudKorsnäs.

A recruitment process for a permanent appointment to the role of business area president of Södra Wood will be initiated later in 2021.

Source: Sodra Skogsagarna ekonomisk forening