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MacDonald & Owen Share Updates About Brookville Campus

General News

Over the past several years, MacDonald & Owen Lumber Company has invested heavily into our multiple production facilities in the areas of safety, capital investment, and improving working conditions for our team members. Over the next few weeks, we will highlight many of the improvements happening across our campuses. This week we’re highlighting our Brookville, Pennsylvania Campus. Brookville has seen a significant change in the past 12 months, with additional investments coming in 2022.

Completed kilns being filled with green lumber

In the summer of 2021, the installation of two new SII Dry Kilns was completed. The original 30-year-old block kilns were due for an update. The demolition of two kilns was started in the spring of 2021. In an effort to minimize a disruption to production we plan on replacing the next two this year in the summer of 2022. This will return the facility to its 8 kiln capacity.

Another major addition coming to the yard will be the ability to produce dimensional components. A gang rip saw was installed back in January of 2020. By March of this year a Weinig molder will be up and running, followed by a chop-line likely the following year.

To prepare for these upgrades work has begun on renovating a rip building so that it can house the dimensional products division. Originally this space was used as an “off sticks” line. As time has gone on, MacDonald & Owen relocated that line and used the building for Kiln Dried storage prior to adding the rip line. We can’t wait to see the dimensional lines at our Brookville campus come to life. More updates to come!

To see pictures of the site, click here.

Source: MacDonald & Owen Veneer and Lumber Co., Inc.