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Fire at Clear Lake Lumber in Spartansburg

Blue Book Services

In a early morning fire on Friday February 19th, Clear Lake Lumber, Inc., suffered damage to some of their dry kilns. According to Clear Lake Lumber President Eric Bonnett, “six of our fourteen kilns are a loss.” This amounts to roughly “half a million feet of lost drying capacity.”

Due to the efforts of the twenty plus volunteer fire companies that came to the scene and the Clear Lake staff, their “mill is intact, boiler is intact and grading lines are intact.”

Mr. Bonnett anticipates that Clear Lake will be back to business “very quickly” and in the meantime they will “continue to be a self-contained unit” and will continue to “mill, grade, and dry onsite” through the rebuilding process.

He also thanks the local community for the “outpouring of support we’ve received from our vendors, our insurer, local restaurants, local stores who all within hours were offering support to us.”

Furthermore, he reiterated that he again was beyond appreciative to the “local fire departments and volunteer fire companies” as well as his “staff who woke up in the middle of the night and drove to the fire to help salvage inventory and assist the fire companies in any way they could.”

Source: Blue Book Services, Inc.