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CP Launches Carbon Emissions Calculator

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Canadian Pacific Railway - Lumber Transportation

Canadian Pacific launched a web-based carbon emissions calculator, giving customers greater insight into the carbon footprint of its freight rail transportation services. The tool enables complex, tailored emissions calculations and incorporates customer-specific shipping details to calculate route and commodity-specific greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

The carbon calculator allows CP’s customers to explore the impacts of their own emissions footprint and make decisions to reduce freight transportation emissions by choosing the lowest carbon-emitting mode of transportation. The tool provides additional insights into the climate-related benefits of shipping freight with CP’s rail services, an overview of lifecycle emissions from logistics services and a comparison of CP’s rail services to long-haul trucking alternatives.

“CP is committed to operating sustainably and being part of the solution in the transition to a less carbon intensive economy in North America,” said Keith Creel, CP President and CEO. “We are pleased to provide customers with a tool that allows them to better understand the carbon footprint associated with their shipping options and make informed choices that benefit the environment.”

As part of the company’s Climate Strategy, CP focuses on operational efficiency and performance improvement, working diligently to optimize energy consumption and reduce costs. CP recognizes that its ability to influence GHG emission reductions extends beyond its operations and across its suppliers and value chain network. The carbon emissions calculator provides a framework to engage across the value chain to identify and collaborate on opportunities to reduce GHG emissions within supply chains.

CP recognizes that collective action to decarbonize needs to continue during the coming decades and is proud to take a leadership role in the freight transportation sector’s ongoing efforts to reduce its collective environmental impact. Sharing insights and experiences with external stakeholders will add further value to CP’s climate programs and support collaboration and innovation that will benefit the broader transportation industry.

CP’s Carbon Emissions Calculator is available online through CP’s Sustainably Driven website.

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