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Unified2 Global Packaging Group Acquires Wetmore Custom Packaging, a Massachusetts  Based Protective Packaging Company

General News
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Unified2 Global Packaging Group announced that it has acquired Wetmore Custom Packaging based out of Wilmington, MA. Wetmore is in the business of manufacturing, warehousing and distributing protective packaging. Wetmore has been in the protective packaging business for over 75 years and has earned a reputation as a high-quality manufacturer with a focus on customer service. Unified2 Global Packaging Group, LLC is excited to continue the success of Wetmore and provide its customers with a wide portfolio of products and value-added services that can be supported globally.

Unified2 Global Packaging Group, LLC issued the following statement “Wetmore’s long standing history of providing high quality packaging solutions coupled with excellent customer service makes it a perfect fit with the Unified2 Global Packaging Group, LLC service model. The acquisition of Wetmore expands Unified2’s footprint and we will continue to offer incremental capabilities to provide even more value to the Wetmore customers in the future.”

About Unified2 Global Packaging Group, LLC

Unified2 Global Packaging Group, LLC, is an established joint venture of AGlobal Solutions and Rand-Whitney Packaging LLC. Unified2 Global Packaging Group, LLC is based in Sutton, Massachusetts, and is one of the largest independent protective packaging manufacturers in New England. The company operates from multiple facilities and can assist with a wide range of packaging needs, covering engineering, design, testing, fulfillment and real-time information processing. Unified2 Global Packaging Group, LLC services customers in the medical, food and beverage, electronics, aerospace, industrial products and consumer goods industries. For more information, please visit

About Wetmore Custom Packaging

Wetmore Custom Packaging was established in1945 and headquartered in Wilmington, MA. Wetmore has grown to be recognized as a leading New England supplier of protective packaging products and has built an unmatched reputation providing customers with the highest level of craftsmanship, dependable service and consistent quality, with a commitment for continuous improvement.

Source: Unified2 Global Packaging Group, LLC