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ABMA Signs on to Rail Letter

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The American Building Materials Alliance (“ABMA”), along with over 400 other organizations, signed-on to a letter, sent today, urging Congressional action to prevent a major rail strike that could start as early as December 9th.

“If this strike comes to fruition, it would increase the burden upon an already over extended trucking industry as freight is switched from rail to road,” said ABMA Chair, Joe Cecarelli. “We need Congress to act as soon as possible to prevent a strike, which could cost about $2 billion dollars a day.”

A rail strike would not only impact freight, including food, but travelers as well. Amtrak service would come to a halt, disrupting the travel plans of about 7 million people a day.

“A strike any time would negatively impact the economy,” said ABMA Director of Government Affairs, Katherine Slye-Hernandez, PhD. “A strike right now, as we come into the holiday season, would hurt businesses across the country by preventing their goods from being able to be shipped or causing them to be heavily delayed as cargo is switched from rail to trucks. We need Congress to act to prevent such widespread hardships.”

To view the full letter, click here.

Source: American Building Materials Alliance