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BuildDirect Logo - Retail Lumber Yard Technologies Inc. (the “Company”) announced that the Company has changed its auditor from KPMG LLP (the “Former Auditor”) to Grant Thornton LLP (the “Successor Auditor”).  At the request of the Company, the Former Auditor resigned as the auditor of the Company effective January 9, 2023 and the Company appointed the Successor Auditor as the Company’s auditor effective January 9, 2023 , until the next Annual General Meeting of the Company.  The resignation of the Former Auditor has been considered and accepted, and the appointment of the Successor Auditor has been considered and approved by the Board of the Directors of the Company.

“We would like to thank KPMG for their service and we are pleased to announce that Grant Thornton will be our auditor going forward,” said Matthew Alexander, the Company’s Interim-CFO.

In accordance with National Instrument 51-102 – Continuous Disclosures, the Company has delivered a copy of a change of auditor notice (the “Notice”) to the Former Auditor and to the Successor Auditor. The Former Auditor has provided its written response confirming that it agrees with the statements in respect of the Former Auditor, and the Successor Auditor has provided its written response confirming that it agrees with the statement in such Notice, except that it is not in a position to agree or disagree with the Company’s statement that that there have been no reportable events. The Notice and both responses have been filed on SEDAR.  

There were no modified opinions expressed in the Former Auditor’s audit reports for the period commencing at the beginning of the Company’s two most recent financial years or any subsequent periods. There were no “reportable events” (as the term is defined in NI 51 – 102) which occurred in connection with the audits for the two most recently completed fiscal years or for any period subsequent to the most recently completed fiscal period for which an  Auditors’ Report was issued.

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