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Building Gurus: Quickly Spiff Up Your Resume

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A less than stellar resume isn’t just boring, it can hurt your chances of getting an interview. Depending on when you wrote your resume, it probably can use a little bit of shining up.

You can maximize your resumes’ potential by emphasizing certain areas of your career. Demonstrate your ROI capabilities by presenting your qualifications in the best light. Your resume should immediately show the value you’ll bring to the table.

Here are 6 areas you can focus on to quickly spiff up your resume.

Showcase Relevant Professional Achievements

Some accomplishments only matter if it is what a company is in need of. Define exactly what they are looking for and list your matching qualifications. Now, prove it by quantifying your results. Numbers show off your achievements. List specifically how much you’ve increased your sales reach, % of territory growth you achieved or any other vital skill you bring to the table.

Use Your Degree

Education is an important part of your career development. So, your resume needs to include degrees, relevant certifications, and course work related to positions you want. List special awards, scholarships, and honors – the more relevant the better. However, even if your degree isn’t in a related field you’ll demonstrate your ability to learn.

Shine Up Professional Designations

Do you have product or niche-specific certifications or licenses? Do you belong to trade organizations or groups? If so, you should list them.

Success Indicators

Show off anything demonstrating you to be a high achiever or leader. Be sure to include regional or national recognition. If you’ve won leadership or sales awards, they belong on your resume. Include company, channel or niche recognition.

Military History

If you’ve served in the military, you probably should include it on your resume. List your branch of service, special training, medals, rank, etc. You’ll demonstrate your ability to work with a team, maintain discipline and reach great heights. Many employers specifically like to hire former military personnel.

Additional Competencies

Any type of experience relevant to the needs of an employer should be included on your resume. If you are bilingual, have specialized product or niche experience or completed training in a nuanced product make it known. You should include knowledge of specific computer programs or any management experience you have.

The market is competitive, so make sure your resume stands out and highlights your career development. Your unique experiences and background have the power to help you land the job you want.

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