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Building Gurus: How To Become A Recruiter’s’ Favorite Candidate

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As a recruiter in the building products industry, I have connected with thousands of people and can tell stories about exactly what not to do if you want to succeed.

I try to maintain a balanced outlook and realize that we aren’t always at our best. So, I give the benefit of the doubt most of the time. I know sometimes emails don’t get delivered, life gets in the way or you just aren’t sure how to react.

There are some pretty easy steps to becoming any recruiters’ favorite candidate. If you truly want to move into your dream role, you’ll pay attention. Coincidentally, these methods will get you on the good side of anyone!

Become A Recruiter’s Favorite Candidate

Ready for your dream job? Successful people know there are three key characteristics they can use to create rapport with interviewers, co-workers, and customers: communication, honesty, and respect.

The same 3 principles apply to winning over a recruiter.


Without proper communication, there can’t be a partnership. We have to have a strong partnership for me to advocate on your behalf or move your name to the top of my shortlist of candidates. How?

*Respond as quickly as possible. Don’t leave me wondering if my message got lost in cyberspace.

*Let me know of changes in your career. If you get a new gig, add to your skill set, get a killer salary bump or get laid off, update me.

*Tell me exactly what you want and where you want to go.

*When you speak with a client, call me after. I want your perspective and to answer questions.

*If you lose interest, let me know. “I’ve changed my mind” is way better than worrying about you when you don’t respond.

*Talk with me before you make a decision. I’ve had candidates walk away from fantastic deals because of a misunderstanding.


We can best help candidates who give us the whole picture of their background, salary, and aspirations.

*If you have other irons in the fire, let us know. If I know exactly where you are at, I’ll be able to advise my clients to speed up or lay off.

*Don’t inflate what you make or your experience. I’ll help you find challenge and fulfillment and great compensation, but not if you lie.

*Be real about your reasons for leaving. Neither of us benefits from working on roles don’t fit the real reason you are leaving.

*Make your resume 100% free of white lies or exaggerations. I’ll help work through your shortcomings or plan how to build up your experience for future success.

*Problems with the law, issues with drugs and alcohol, being terminated, etc. are going to come out at some point – our clients do extensive background checks. It’s better if I can help sell through right away than if I am blindsided later.

*When you meet with our clients, let us know how it really went. If you are unsure of something or realize it isn’t a fit I’d rather know.


I want a match for both my clients and candidates. I’ll advocate on behalf of each, help bring about mutually beneficial conclusions and I want everyone to like me at the end. I never know if down the road you’ll be in charge of hiring or need a new gig. So, I want to be someone you respect for your entire career.

How do I demonstrate this?

I respect your time, privacy and desires. I won’t pressure you into accepting something that isn’t a fit for your career goals. No placement fee is worth a candidate thinking poorly of me or a client thinking I suckered them into a dud. I won’t send you on wild goose chases and I will tell you when I think it is time to pull yourself out.

How can you demonstrate your respect?

*Be on time, respond back quickly and show up to interviews ready to succeed.

*Don’t go behind our back to try to work directly with the company.

*Don’t lie about anything, but especially don’t lie to try to play me against my clients for your benefit. It’s really disrespectful towards us and something companies detest.

I want the best relationship with our candidates and to achieve it, I use honesty, respect, and communication. If you want to become a recruiter’s favorite, remember how each plays a part in your job search as well.

Understanding How We Operate

At Building Gurus, clients pay our fees to help them locate and connect with the top people in the industry. We love and believe in our candidates, but we won’t always have positions available that are a match to their background.

Please don’t rely on any recruiter as your only source. If you need a new role immediately, consider working with firms with a candidate focus.

Understand if we don’t have a fit for your background or if a client declines to take things to the next stage. We are here to facilitate opportunities, but can’t guarantee you a role.

At Building Gurus, we take confidentiality extremely seriously, and we believe that this should apply to every aspect of the job search process. We also appreciate the importance of discretion, and under no circumstance would we ever be willing to jeopardize your current job situation. We will not share any of your information without your express consent.

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