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Building Gurus: Resign Right

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Very few people stay at the same job their entire career. As you learn and grow, your skills and experience expand. Sometimes, better opportunities just land in our laps. Sometimes, we are totally done with a position, boss or company.

So, no matter the reason you are leaving, extend courtesy and consideration when you resign.

Resign Right

Just like everything in life, there is a right and wrong way to resign. If you do it with the least amount of disruption possible, you will leave a favorable impression. Consider the following when you resign:

How Much Notice

When you leave a role, your position needs to be replaced and there is always a learning curve for your replacement. Provide enough notice so your position and duties are covered.

A two-Week resignation notice is normal, and I don’t recommend you go over that length of time for various reasons.

Be aware, however, access to sensitive documents or being in a management position may lead to immediate dismissal. So, remember it is done for reasons that have nothing to do with how you are viewed by your employer.

Resignation Letter

Your formal resignation notice should be brief and to the point. There is no need to gloat or go into detail about why you have chosen to accept another position. State a better fitting job opportunity has presented itself and leave it at that. If you have constructive criticism, do it during your exit interview.

Be Sure

If you resign, you need to make sure you are absolutely ready to leave. If you are hesitant about actually leaving, don’t resign. Your hesitancy will be felt by both the hiring company and your current employer and could have disastrous results.

Resign Right

Often, your employer will try to match a salary or offer other enticements into staying. People who use “I have a new, better paying job” as a ploy to get a raise aren’t respected and won’t benefit in the long run. Being indecisive keeps someone else from being offered a position they deserve and want. If you have any doubts, don’t even start applying elsewhere.


Give your notice at the end of the week whenever possible. Ask your manager or HR for a private meeting. You’ll allow everyone involved time to reflect on how to best plan for your last two weeks. It also slows panic and rumors.

How you approach resigning can either leave a positive or negative lasting impression of you. You never know what the future holds. Making your exit as positive as possible will guarantee you are highly thought of for years to come.

Learn how to quit without burning bridges.  Ask us how.

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