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Report: Alaska Legislature Passes Bill Allowing Sawmill Operators to Become Certified to Grade & Sell Certain Types of Dimensional Lumber

General News

As reported by local news, Alaska Senate Bill No. 87 (“SB 87” or the “bill”) is heading to the governor’s desk. SB 87 allows “Alaska sawmill operators to become certified to grade and sell certain types of dimensional lumber they produce for residential construction.”

Homer News reports that SB 87, “if signed into law, would establish a free lumber grade training program through the Alaska Division of Forestry that would train mill operators to grade lumber. The one-day program would be offered at least once per year with the content, instruction qualifications and completion requirements determined by the division. Successful completion of the program would allow participants to receive a grading certificate that would be good for five years. The bill would also allow the Alaska Division of Forestry to give certificates to people who either hold a current certification from an accredited grading agency or have a bachelor’s or postgraduate degree in forest products or equivalent degree.”

Furthermore, they stated that “load-bearing dimensional lumber graded and certified as described by the bill can be used for one-, two- and three-family dwellings in Alaska. The bill requires that lumber be milled in a way that meets or exceeds the requirements of the applicable building code for the type of dwelling being built. People who hold the kind of certificate made available in the bill can only grade lumber that they’ve milled and, if used to build dwellings, must sell directly to the building contractor, the owner of the dwelling or a person acting on behalf of either. Local inspectors authorized to examine a dwelling may restrict or reject the use of such lumber.”

To view the full Senate Bill No. 87, click here.

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