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Rex Lumber, Troy, LLC’s Response to OSHA Press Release Dated July 5, 2023

General News

Rex Lumber’s, Troy plant was devastated to lose a coworker in a December 2022 machine accident. We continue to keep the family in our thoughts and prayers. We have cooperated with OSHA and continue our efforts to always make our plants even safer. It’s been a tough time and our employees have worked hard. 

OSHA released a July 5, 2023, Press Release on its Initial Findings, which have not yet been fully investigated or tried. Rex is not a faceless global company. We’re made up of local people, and OSHA’s characterization of the facts and alleged violations does not match the events or our efforts. Federal-OSHA has a vital mission to ensure employers are aware of its regulations. It uses these Press Releases to get attention, but the underly cases almost always turn out differently after the entire process is completed.

The Troy plant was custom built and equipped by leading industry manufacturers and contractors in 2018. We maintain professional safety staff, involve managers, employees, and obtain outside guidance on best safety practices. We maintain procedures for complicated processes and routinely update them. We have cooperated with OSHA and learned from every experience, and we’ve had fewer workplace accidents than most such mills. 

We respect OSHA’s need to police the industry, but we vigorously disagree with the findings. 

Very importantly, OSHA Press Release lists the many violations of a completely unrelated company doing different things in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Virginia. Similar name, but NOT us, and their additional violations should not be publicly attributed to us.

If necessary, we’ll defend the company in court, but rest assured that we will also continue to constantly improve our workplace, as well as to cooperate and partner with OSHA as opportunities permit. Both Rex and OSHA want safe workers.

Source: Rex Lumber, LLC