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Building Gurus: 5 Wins To Gain By Quickly Filling Open Branch Manager Roles

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I realize that most people dread hiring. They feel like it is a chore and are never quite sure they are doing it right or making the right decision. So, when you have an open role, you may be disappointed by your hiring results. Or, you may wonder if the role even needs to be replaced.

When we talk about Branch Managers, it can be tempting to try to have one manager run multiple locations. Or to “test out” someone as an interim manager to see if they sink or swim.

Before you decide on either, think about what you stand to lose in that scenario, and what you potentially will gain.

Employee Assurance

If a fantastic or beloved branch manager leaves your company, it leaves the whole branch in the lurch. Employees who trusted and relied on the manager may feel they have no one to turn to. A bad manager causes issues, but no manager often causes worse problems. A branch manager might be the only connection employees have to the corporate teams or other branches.

Quickly hiring the right person can help assure existing employees that everything is going to be OK.

Customer Security

When a person moves from occasional purchaser to loyal customer, sometimes it is because they trust and like your residential building products. Mostly though, it is due to the interactions they have with your employees – who they see as the face of your business.

When customers get used to a manager, they really develop a relationship of trust and reliability. When that gets broken, they will be at a bit of a loss. If you struggle to fill a position or retain a good manager, they wonder what is wrong with your company.

Financial Health

Great branch managers don’t just keep customers and employees happy! They touch every part of the location’s finances usually. So, the financial future of your branch might literally hang in the balance when you have an unfilled branch manager role.

Don’t underestimate exactly what branch managers bring to the table in terms of making and saving money. Having someone keeping an eye on all the ins and outs of your branch is key to financial health.


Your branch managers are likely the main trainers of your staff. They are able to take technical information from vendors and break it down into easily teachable parts. They help employees play up their strengths and build up their weaknesses. If a branch manager is your trainer and mentor, all of that stops when they leave. Some employees may rise to the occasion, but mostly they will have lost their support system.

Quickly filling a position means employees have someone to turn to and someone to help them continue to learn and improve.


The primary objective of any business is to make money and branch managers understand this well. They are responsible for cutting costs and efficiency, sure. But, they also are in charge of driving sales, increasing territory, making the most of marketing and advertising and anything else that turns a profit.

Remember it takes time for even a talented manager to get the full picture of your branch and to make forward strides. 11 months is the average time it takes a new salesperson to actually be profitable, so even if you hire quickly you are facing a bit of a challenge.

When you hire quickly, every area of your branch will benefit. Don’t delay when faced with an opening.

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