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J.D. Irving: Grand Lake Timber’s Biomass Boiler Upgrade Powers Up

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The Chipman Sawmill is celebrating the commission of a new biomass boiler which will significantly reduce fossil fuel consumption and contribute to a sustainable future. The project marks a step towards an eco-friendlier lumber drying process and will allow the mill to substantially reduce its carbon footprint. 

Chipman Boiler
Chipman Boiler

The boiler generates two megawatts of energy, or enough to power around 500 homes, through a cutting-edge turbine. The 1.47 kW turbine is a central feature of the project, and it will provide more than enough power to meet the energy demands of the mill. 

Over $36 million was invested in the project which promises to revolutionize the way energy is sourced and utilized at the mill. The new boiler will be particularly important during winter months as it will eliminate the need to burn extra bunker C to produce enough steam for wood processing.

Source: J.D. Irving Limited