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Tampa International Forest Products Announces New President

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Forest City Trading Group, LLC and its wholly owned subsidiary, Tampa International Forest Products, LLC, are pleased to announce that Sam Barranco will be promoted to President of Tampa International Forest Products, LLC, effective February 1, 2024.

Sam Barranco is stepping into the role as Joe Brown, the current President of TIFP, retires after over a decade of exceptional leadership. Derrick Coder, CEO and President of FCTG, noted that “Joe has been a driving force as the President of TIFP, leading the company from $110M to over $520M in sales during his tenure. Joe has provided steadfast leadership throughout the years and has consistently delivered results. His contributions to TIFP have been instrumental in our growth and success, and we extend our heartfelt gratitude for his leadership.”

As part of FCTG’s ongoing commitment to leadership development and succession planning, Joe and Sam have worked closely together over the past several years to facilitate this transition. Barranco has been an exceptional trader at TIFP since June 1995. He also served on the FCTG Board of Directors and has been actively involved in several hiring and training initiatives. In these roles, Sam demonstrated outstanding trading performance and a strong track record of delivering results. As a manager and leader, Sam has a proven ability to inspire teams and drive innovation.

“I am truly honored and humbled to take on the role of President,” said Mr. Barranco. “I believe in the potential of our organization and the incredible talent of our employees. Together, we will continue to build on the solid foundation built by Joe and drive innovation, while maintaining our commitment to delivering exceptional services to our suppliers and customers.”

About Tampa International Forest Products, LLC

Tampa International Forest Products, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Forest City Trading Group, LLC, was formed in 1976 in Tampa, Florida. Through the efforts of our dedicated employees, we have grown to a company that last year shipped over 1,400 carloads and 18,000 truckloads of building products. Our 1,200 customers depend on us to provide service on every order. Our suppliers depend on us to distribute their full range of products to our customer base. See more at Home – TIFP (

About Forest City Trading Group, LLC

FCTG is an employee-owned business headquartered in Portland, Oregon. Comprised of twelve operating companies that connect supply with demand and provide solutions to thousands of customers and suppliers, FCTG and its subsidiaries engage in diverse wholesale distribution globally and are collectively one of the largest wholesale building products trading and distribution companies in North America, selling more than six billion board feet of building products annually. See more at Forest City | Forest City (


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Source: Forest City Trading Group, LLC