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Rosboro Company, LLC, Statement Regarding Temporary Curtailment of Springfield, Oregon Stud Mill

Blue Book Services
Rosboro logo lumber mill

Blue Book Services reached out to Rosboro Company, LLC, following the reported curtailment of their Springfield, Oregon stud mill. Brian Wells, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Development, provided the following statement:

“Rosboro has announced a temporary curtailment of production at our commodity stud lumber mill in Springfield.  This decision was made due to an ongoing imbalance between local timber costs and market pricing for commodity lumber.  Recently implemented regulations restricting timber harvest activities in Oregon have caused material harm to the competitiveness of much of our state’s wood products manufacturing segment, and 40 of our employees and their families will unfortunately suffer for it.  Following the curtailment, the company will have a total of 295 employees located in Springfield.

The company’s primary business is the production and sale of glue laminated (glulam) beams and columns primarily used in residential and mass timber construction.  We are the largest producer of these value-added products in North America, a process that we have vertically integrated from the log to finished beams.  Operations at our lamstock mill, two planer mills, dry kilns, and three glulam manufacturing plants are ongoing.  The $100m investment announced in 2023 is entirely in support of our glulam business, and implementation of that investment continues as planned.  That investment will enable the company to utilize the recently curtailed stud mill for the production of lamstock and move away from commodity production.  Lamstock is a specialty lumber product that we produce as a raw material for glulam production.  The project will increase Rosboro’s vertically integrated glulam manufacturing capacity by 50%, and the stud mill will be a key piece to that puzzle.

We plan to resume operations at the curtailed mill in conjunction with the completion of our expansion project, at the latest.  In the meantime, if the log and/or lumber markets normalize to a point where it is feasible to resume production of commodity lumber we are prepared to jump back in.”

Source: Rosboro Company, LLC