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MFU Floats Co-op to Save Pyramid Mountain Lumber

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Pyramid Mountain Lumber plays a vital role for Montana by processing lumber that keeps our forests and economy healthy.  When Pyramid Mountain Lumber announced its closure, the bad news rippled through the state.

But where others see loss, Montana Farmers Union sees opportunity to support its members and rural communities by helping to form a cooperative and keep the mill open. 

“Our members and our communities are being adversely impacted by the closure of Pyramid and a cooperative could keep it alive and thriving,” said Montana Farmers Union President Walter Schweitzer. “Employees, loggers, and timberland owners could join forces to take control of their own destiny.”

MFU has a strong track record of helping start cooperatives across Montana from electrical, phone, and Internet services to fuel to farm supplies.  Within the past five years, MFU has helped start two meat processing cooperatives, one in Havre and the other in Columbia Falls. The grassroots organization’s work with co-ops is part of MFU’s commitment to supporting family farmers and ranchers and rural communities through education, legislation, and cooperation.

MFU members depend on Pyramid Mountain Lumber to process their timber and for off farm jobs. Pyramid could be a natural fit for an employee, logger, and timberland-owner cooperative. 

Individuals and groups interested in keeping a healthy forest could also invest in the cooperative with non-voting shares to keep the mill thriving for generations to come.

If you are interested in helping to create a cooperative to save Pyramid Mountain Lumber contact Montana Farmers Union at 406-452-6406 or

Source: Montana Farmers Union