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Blue Book Ratings

Blue Book Services’ rating system helps those extending credit to make quick “Sell” or “No-Sell” decisions by providing concise, accurate credit data, while also giving buyers and transporters their needed peace-of-mind.

Blue Book Ratings consist of a pay indicator and financial credit worth rating and are supplemented by our proprietary Blue Book Score.  Pay Indicators are based upon historical trends, whereas Blue Book Scores are based upon a statistical model predicting future credit events.

All publicly traded companies, and a growing number of privately held companies that submit their financial statements to us, are assigned a financial credit worth rating. These ratings estimate the total amount of credit the company can conservatively undertake, based upon factors like their liquidity, asset/debt management, and debt-to-equity ratio.

Thousands of lumber companies that purchase product are assigned a pay indicator rating. Pay indicators provide a summary of the overall reported pay practices of a company and range from A (pay reported mostly within terms) to E (pay reported mostly beyond terms).

Blue Book Ratings and Blue Book Scores are available on the Blue Book Online Services website and mobile app.  A rating history, and more details about the data supporting the rating, can be accessed in the Business Report or by contacting a customer service representative.

To take advantage of all the benefits of Blue Book Membership, including unlimited access to our database of ratings, we invite you to explore our Membership Options by following the link. There, you’re sure to find a package suitable to your specific needs. As always, if we can help you answer any questions at all, we encourage you to contact us. A member of our Blue Book team will be happy to assist you.

Good Bad CreditMinimize risk by using Blue Book Pay Indicators to quickly identify how a customer is paying other suppliers.

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